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“I have some good news. My AC1 number got low enough through diet that I don’t have to take Metformin anymore! You taught me well! I was diagnosed in March & taken off Metformin this month! Wishing you a blessed 2016!

                                                          -Kathy King, Scottsdale, Arizona (December 2015)

“When I was diagnosed with diabetes my A1C was 6.5. After our sessions my A1C dropped to 5.9! My Dr. was extremely pleased with my readings  & my 51 lb weight loss too. Thank you so much for getting me on the right track with my diet. You sure know your stuff!”

                                                          – Kathy King, Scottsdale, Arizona (September 2015)

“I attended Bonnie’s classes to lower my [blood glucose] levels and lose weight. With Bonnie’s great depth of knowledge, she helped me discover ways to make better meal choices. I lost 13 pounds and good lab results — my doctor was happier with me too!”

— Toni Kirch, Mesa, Arizona

“My biggest challenge before working with Bonnie was that I was in constant pain from arthritis in my knees. Bonnie took the time to listen. She helped me with a diet that reduced inflammation and introduced me to new foods that I actually enjoy. She also helped me realize my goals were very real and although I could not achieve them quickly, she helped me to attain a steady pace. I can now walk again — three miles at a time — and not have pain. With Bonnie’s guidance and focus on my goals, I have made progress and will continue to work and eat healthy.”

— Roxanne Ingvertsen, Phoenix, Arizona

“I consider myself more knowledgeable than the average person when it comes to fitness and nutrition. I still found myself frustrated with my inability to put that knowledge into use. Bonnie helped me to really dig deep and look for realistic solutions to my health challenges. I found it immensely helpful to have a positive, knowledgeable support person to challenge me! With all the conflicting information out there, it was such a relief to connect with such a friendly coach who really knows her stuff. She is an amazing motivator, and really helped to discover what it is that keeps me motivated. Thanks again, Bonnie!”

— Megan, massage therapist from Vancouver, British Columbia

“Bonnie has taught me a new way to live! I have struggled with stress and overeating during social events all my life. She has given me techniques and asked me questions that I had never asked myself. I now have a new relationship with food and have my stress level under control. I have become a happier, well-balanced woman through this coaching process. I have even lost weight without feeling deprived!”

— Renee McAlister, Chandler, Arizona

“Mrs. Roill possesses considerable knowledge on nutrition … She presented a very successful eight-session weight-management and behavioral-modification program for our multinational population at the Al Ain Hilton, which was well attended by professionals as well as the general public. … I strongly recommend Bonnie.”

— Magdy Anis Samy, General Hotel Manager, Hilton International Hotel in Al Ain, United Arab Emirates

Comments from participants in the 90-day Intensive SMARTER Weigh program

  • “I’ve stopped beating myself up about why I ate something, why I didn’t choose something else … more positive talk”
  • “I didn’t realize the importance of protein … I’ve added protein to my mid-AM snack and now I’m not starving when it’s time for lunch!”
  • “I now am tracking my fiber and protein … no longer “carb crazy.”
  • “I started a walking program – everyday at 6am I am up and out walking – I’ve done this for 38 consecutive days!!!”
  • “I’ve lost 4 inches off my waist!!!”
  • “I’ve learned to leave some “white space” on my plate.”

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