Mid-Life Weight Loss Programs

Mid-Life Weight Loss Programs (that upgrade your health too!)

If you’re a woman in mid-life looking for a healthcare professional that specializes in mid-life weight loss programs, you’ve come to the right place!

All programs are designed to meet the unique needs of women in mid-life.

Each program addresses the effect of hormones, sleep, digestive health, exercise, mindfulness and self-talk not just on weight, but on overall health and well-being.

All sessions are telephone based meaning you can live anywhere in the United States or Canada.

Listen and hear Bonnie talk about hormones and mid-life weight loss.

Click on the play button below to hear Bonnie talk about her approach to weight management for women in mid-life Johnell McCauley from Eat Great Live Well Radio.

21 Day “Clean Eating Jumpstart Detox Program©

This 4 session group program uses whole food to enhance the natural detoxification process taking place in the liver, through the kidneys, skin, lungs, digestive tract, and the lymphatic system.

This detox program focuses on resetting hormones associated with weight gain, weight loss resistance, unstable blood sugar levels, taxed adrenals and thyroid glands.

Mid-life weight loss programs are my specialty and this detox program will help you learn the root causes for weight gain and begin to address them with lifestyle adjustments, nutritional, and hormonal changes.

The program includes:

  • Four group 60-75 minute phone sessions (one per week)
  • Detox Guidebook
  • Meal Plan and 14 days of Recipes for all meals and snacks
  • Shopping List handout
  • Suggested Brand Name Product handout
  • Program Tips & Treasures
  • Easy to follow daily protocol to enhance the detox experience
  • Personal “Yes You Can” Workbook
  • Between session e-mail support
  • Closed Facebook group for daily discussions, motivation, accountability and support
  • All sessions are recorded for your review at your convenience

Click here to learn more about the 21 Day “Clean Eating Jumpstart Detox Program” program

We just finished the group fall program. Next group program begins Winter 2017.

Kick off date is February 9th

Detox begins February 13th for 21 days.

Click here for details.

Can’t wait till the next group program?

Private 21 day 21 Day Clean Eating Jumpstart Detox program open to all, all year long!

Click here to contact me directly for details. 

Reshape your Plate, Regain your Health©

This 28-day program helps women in mid-life create a blueprint for making food and lifestyle choices based on your unique needs.

By the end of 4 weeks clients report increased energy, reduced food cravings, feel healthier and more in control of their eating while seeing their waist start to shrink!

This program will Kick-Start you to:

  • Re-balance hormones for a healthier metabolism!
  • Re-balance your digestive tract to create a “garden” of bacteria that promotes weight loss, maintenance, overall greater health now and in the future!

If any of the following sounds familiar, the 28-Day Kick-Start is for you:

  • You’re looking for ways to increase your energy levels so you don’t crash on the couch after work …
  • You want to reduce the feeling of bloat you carry around your middle  …
  • You want to dial back your cravings for sugar and/or salt …
  • You need ideas for healthier (but easy) meal planning, food shopping, cooking to help reduce your time at the grocery store and in the kitchen …
  • You’re wondering if your hormones are stopping you from losing weight, sleeping soundly, and more!
  • You want to consult with a nutrition and hormone support professional to ensure you’re doing all you can to create a life full of health and happiness …

This program includes:

  • 4 private, 60-minute phone sessions with Bonnie
  • Nutrition Assessment and recommendations
  • Hormone Assessment and recommendations
  • Customized menu plan
  • Handouts to support sessions
  • Email support

Don’t continue to wonder, ponder, ruminate, worry, put-off until another day!

Feeling healthier and having more energy is within your reach.

Start by reaching out to discover how you can begin your Kick-Start program today.

Click here to contact Bonnie and learn more about the 28-Day Kick-Start Program.













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